Self-Powered Near-Infrared Photodetector Based on Asymmetrical Schottky Interdigital Contacts


A self-powered metal-semiconductor Schottky diode with planar interdigital Au-Ti electrodes was fabricated and characterized for the detection of close to-infrared light-weight. The devices showed a significant increase in external quantum potency (EQE) and photoresponse at zero bias as electrode spacing reduces. A device with an electrode spacing of five μm exhibits EQE of onep.c equivalent to responsivity of 6.45 mA/W at a wavelength of 80zero nm and zero V bias. Furthermore, the photocurrent to dark current ratio was five×104 with a detectivity of 1.four×1011 cm.Hz0.5/W at 0 V bias. The recovery time constant was calculated from time-resolved photocurrent curve and located to be 0.nineteen s. The engineered-in electric field of the device was estimated to be on the order of 35 V/cm.

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