Planar Printed Multi-Resonant Antenna for Octa-Band WWAN/LTE Mobile Handset


During this letter, a planar printed multiple-band antenna is proposed for mobile handset applications. The antenna consists of a driven monopole with multiple branches, and a parasitic ground strip with an open slot. By properly tuning the dimensions and positions of every half of the proposed antenna, octa-band operation is achieved with smart radiation efficiency. For lower frequency, the LTE70zero, GSM850, and GSM90zero bands are provided by the λ/4 modes of the driven monopole and the parasitic ground strip. For higher frequency, the DCS, PCS, UMTS, LTE230zero and LTE250zero bands are coated by the upper order modes of the driven monopole and also the parasitic ground strip. The open slot and therefore the shorter driven branch are used to widen the bandwidth within the higher frequency. All the mentioned operating bands are achieved in a tiny space of 15 ×sixty mm2. The measured -half dozen-dB reflection coefficient bandwidth is 405 MHz ( 660 ~ 1065 MHz) within the lower band and ranges from 1665 MHz to additional than 300zero MHz within the higher band.

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