Wearable Disc-Like Antenna for Body-Centric Communications at 61 GHz


During this letter, we describe the look and simulation of on-body antennas for wireless body space network (WBAN) communication operating within the 61-GHz ISM frequency band. We tend to developed a disc-like concept of an antenna. Rather than an immediate connection between a circular disc and a feeding pin, the electromagnetic coupling is employed. This concept permits us to get comparatively broadband characteristics with omnidirectional radiation pattern and vertical polarization suitable for on-body communication. Impedance properties and radiation of the antenna were studied in open house and on a tissue-equivalent phantom representing the human body. Fabricated prototype is well suited from 59.three to sixty three.4 GHz. The bandwidth of the antenna is regarding 7p.c. An antenna analyzed shut to body tissue exhibits efficiency of a minimum of 25percent and the utmost gain 5.two dB within the horizontal plane.

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