Parallel and High-Speed Computations of Elliptic Curve Cryptography Using Hybrid-Double Multipliers


High-performance and quick implementation of purpose multiplication is crucial for elliptic curve cryptographic systems. Recently, considerable research has investigated the implementation of purpose multiplication on completely different curves over binary extension fields. In this paper, we tend to propose economical and high speed architectures to implement purpose multiplication on binary Edwards and generalized Hessian curves. We have a tendency to perform a data-flow analysis and investigate most variety of parallel multipliers to use to scale back the latency of point multiplication on these curves. Then, we tend to modify the addition and doubling formulations and use a newly proposed digit-level hybrid-double Gaussian traditional basis multiplier to get rid of the info dependencies and hence cut back the latency of purpose multiplication. To the simplest of our knowledge, this is often the first time that one employs hybrid-double multiplication technique to scale back the computation time of purpose multiplication. Moreover, we have a tendency to have implemented our proposed architectures for point multiplication on FPGA and obtained the results of timing and area. Our results indicate that the proposed theme is one breakthrough to enhance the performance of purpose multiplication on binary Edward and generalized Hessian curves.

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