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Antiperovskite Manganese Nitride Standard Resistor

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Antiperovskite Manganese Nitride Standard Resistor


The antiperovskite manganese nitride compound Mn3Ag1–xCuxN incorporates a broad resistivity-temperature curve around room temperature that is comparable with the Manganin alloy. This curvature and the peak temperature will be adjusted by codoping with Cu and In or Fe. The drift rate of the resistance price was strongly full of the condition of the four-terminal contact and the shape of the sample. Samples with spot-welded contacts show lower resistance drift rates than samples with Ag-paste contacts. The four-terminal-shaped sample incorporates a drift rate that is eighty times lower than the normal cuboid-shaped sample. We tend to confirmed that the Mn3AgN sample incorporates a sufficiently low-thermal electromotive force against copper that is less than some microvolts per kelvin. We tend to expect that this antiperovskite compound may be used as a material for precision resistors and might improve the temperature coefficient of resistors for developing metrology standards.

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Antiperovskite Manganese Nitride Standard Resistor - 4.9 out of 5 based on 24 votes

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