Package-Level Microjet-Based Hotspot Cooling Solution for Microelectronic Devices


A package-level hotspot cooling resolution using Si hybrid heat sink and diamond heat spreader has been developed. The hybrid heat sink combines the deserves of both microchannel flow and microjet array impingement, and can enable high spatially average heat transfer coefficient of 18.nine × 104 W/m2 K with low pumping power of zero.17 W. The liquid jet is meant to directly impinge on the surface of the diamond heat spreader. The eight hotspot heaters, every of size 450 × 300 μm2, were fabricated on the Si thermal test chip. The solid-fluid coupling simulation has been conducted using heaters model for microfluid cooling capability investigation. A gates model beside the warmers model is used to predict the thermal performance of the GaN transistors with the developed cooling resolution. Hotspot cooling capability as high as ten kW/cm2 was demonstrated and validated. The heating power density of 3.nine W/mm can be dissipated in GaN device, while maintaining the peak gate temperature underneath 200°C.

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