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Smart Streaming for Online Video Services

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Smart Streaming for Online Video Services


Bandwidth price could be a significant concern for on-line video service suppliers. Today’s video streaming systems principally use HTTP streaming, with users accessing video segments as HTTP requests. A frequently used strategy is to serve all user requests as fast as doable, as if the user is downloading a file. The downloading rate can typically way exceed the playback rate, when the system is below the peak load. This is referred to as progressive downloading. Since users could quit before viewing the whole video, however, a lot of of the downloaded video can be “wasted.” By studying and exploiting the predictability of users’ departure behavior , the authors developed a good streaming strategy that may considerably improve overall streaming service quality beneath given server bandwidth. The advance is achieved by avoiding the waste primarily based on predicted user departure behavior. The proposed smart streaming technique is evaluated by modeling, analysis, and simulation, and experimentation using a prototype implementation.

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Smart Streaming for Online Video Services - 4.9 out of 5 based on 15 votes

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