Thermally Stable Enhancement-Mode GaN Metal-Isolator-Semiconductor High-Electron-Mobility Transistor With Partially Recessed Fluorine-Implanted Barrier


Al2O3/AlGaN/GaN enhancement-mode metal-isolator-semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistor (MIS-HEMT) that includes a partially recessed (Al) GaN barrier was realized by a fluorine plasma implantation/etch technique. By properly adjusting the RF power driving the fluorine plasma, the fluorine plasma is ready to produce 2 desirable results: 1) a well-controlled slow dry etching for gate recess and a pair of) implanting fluorine ions into the AlGaN barrier. The fluorine ions become negatively charged within the barrier layer and induce a positive shift in the threshold voltage. The proposed MIS-HEMT exhibits a threshold voltage ( $V_mathrm mathbf TH)$ of +zero.half dozen V at a drain current of $10~mu textA$ /mm, a most drive current of 730 mA/mm, an ON-resistance of $seven.07~Omega ,cdot ,$ mm, and an OFF-state breakdown voltage of 703 V at an OFF-state drain leakage current of $one~mu textA$ /mm. From area temperature to two hundred °C, the device exhibits a small negative shift of $V_mathrm mathbf TH$ ( $sim 0.five$ V) that is attributed to the high-quality dielectric/F-implanted-(Al) GaN interface and therefore the partially recessed barrier.

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