Control and data signaling decoupled architecture for railway wireless networks


Current implementations of narrowband World System for Mobile Communications for railway systems face vital challenges in meeting the rising massive capacity demands of passenger services. To increase the capacity, this article presents a control and data signaling decoupled architecture, specifically, C/U-plane decoupled design for railway wireless networks, in which the comparatively necessary C-plane of passenger services is kept on high-quality lower frequency bands to handle mobility, while the corresponding U-plane is moved to higher frequency bands to achieve broader spectra. In this railway wireless network with C/U-plane decoupled design, the U-plane and C-plane handovers are also physically decoupled. To realize the seamless and soft U-plane handover, we introduce a handover scheme based on coordinated multi-purpose transmission and reception and bi-casting. Additionally, channel mappings and physical layer frames are redesigned to facilitate the look. Our study has demonstrated that by decoupling the C/U planes, the network performance is greatly enhanced, resulting in a additional effective means to supply high speed communications for railway systems.

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