Multichannel Random Discrete Fractional Fourier Transform


We tend to propose a multichannel random discrete fractional Fourier transform (MRFrFT) with random weighting coefficients and partial rework kernel functions. Initial, the weighting coefficients of each channel are randomized. Then, the kernel functions, selected based mostly on a alternative theme, are randomized employing a group of random part-only masks (RPOMs). The proposed MRFrFT can be carried out both electronically and optically, and its main options and properties have been given. Numerical simulation about one-dimensional signal demonstrates that the MRFrFT has an necessary feature that the magnitude and phase of its output are both random. Moreover, the MRFrFT of two-dimensional image can be viewed as a security enhanced image encryption scheme thanks to the big key area and also the sensitivity to the non-public keys.

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