The impact of discrete doping in junctionless gate-all-around n-type silicon nanowire transistors is studied using 3-D nonequilibrium Green's functions simulations. The studied devices have a 20 nm long gate and cross sections of 4.2 $times$ 4.2 and $hbox{6.2} times hbox{6.2} hbox{nm}^{2}$. The average doping concentration is $hbox{10}^{20} hbox{cm}^{-3}$. The dopant distributions are randomly generated and modeled in a fully atomistic way. Phonon scattering, elastic and inelastic, is also included in the simulations. We show that junctionless nanowire transistors have a much higher subthreshold variability than their inversion mode counterparts for the equivalent geometry and doping level.

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