Low-frequency noise (LFN) measurements were performed on hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si:H)/crystalline-silicon heterojunction diodes for the forward- and reverse-biased currents $I$. The $hbox{1}/f^{gamma}$ noise with $gamma sim hbox{1.3}$ (for low $I$) or 0.6 (for high $I$) was observed to dominate the LFN, and the noise power spectral density $S_{i}$ showed a power-law behavior ($S_{i} sim I^{alpha}$ , where $alpha sim hbox{2}$). This quadratic behavior may indicate the $hbox{1}/f^{gamma}$ noise to stem from the carrier number fluctuations mediated by deep trap states (for $gamma sim hbox{1.3}$) or band tail states (for $gamma sim hbox{0.6}$) of nc-Si:H. Also, the band tail width of nc-Si:H was estimated to be $sim$65 meV.

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