For the first time, we construct poly-Si thin-film transistors (TFTs) with novel L-shaped poly-Si fin channels (poly-Si TFTs with L-fin channels, called LFin-TFTs). The L-fin channels of LFin-TFTs are similar to the multiple-gated fin channels of FinFETs. The LFin-TFTs exhibit a low supply gate voltage (3 V), a good subthreshold swing (SS) $sim$190 mV/dec, and a high on/off current ratio $(I_{rm ON}/I_{rm OFF}) > hbox{10}^{6} (V_{D} = hbox{1} hbox{V})$ without hydrogen-related plasma treatments. After Ni salicidation, the devices exhibit steep SS $sim$ 148 mV/dec and $I_{rm ON}/I_{rm OFF} sim hbox{10}^{7}$. After $hbox{NH}_{3}$ plasma treatment, the characteristics of the devices are further improved. The LFin-TFTs have steeper SS $sim$ 132 mV/dec, higher $I_{ rm ON}/I_{rm OFF} > hbox{10}^{7}$, and threshold voltage $(V_{rm TH}) sim hbox{0.036} hbox{V}$.

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