To integrate bipolar resistive switching cells into crosspoint structures, we serially connect a threshold-switching (TS) $hbox{Pt}/hbox{NbO}_{2}/hbox{Pt}$ device with a memory-switching (MS) $hbox{Pt}/hbox{Nb}_{2}hbox{O}_{5}/ hbox{Pt}$ device and observe the suppression of the undesired sneak current. A simpler $hbox{Pt}/hbox{Nb}_{2}hbox{O}_{5}/hbox{NbO}_{2}/hbox{Pt}$ bilayer oxide device was designed; it simultaneously exhibits TS and MS. The unique device characteristics in the metal/oxide/metal structure can be directly integrated into a crosspoint memory array without the diode; this can significantly reduce the fabrication complexity.

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