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Complementary Germanium Electron–Hole Bilayer Tunnel FET for Sub-0.5-V Operation

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In this letter, we present a novel device, the germanium electron–hole (EH) bilayer tunnel field-effect transistor, which exploits carrier tunneling through a bias-induced EH bilayer. The proposed architecture provides a quasi-ideal alignment between the tunneling path and the electric field controlled by the gate. The device principle and performances are studied by 2-D numerical simulations. This device allows interesting features in terms of low operating voltage ($<$ 0.5 V), due to its super-steep subthreshold slope $({SS}_{rm AVG} sim hbox{13} hbox{mV/dec}$ over six decades of current), ${I}_{rm ON}/{I}_{rm OFF}$ ratio of $simhbox{10}^{9}$, and drive current of ${I}_{rm ON} sim hbox{10} muhbox{A}/muhbox{m}$ at ${V}_{rm DD} = hbox{0.5} hbox{V}$. The same structure with symmetric voltages can be used to achieve a p-type device with ${I}_{rm ON}$ and ${I}_{rm OFF}$ levels comparable to the n-type, which enables a straightforward implementation of complementary logic that could theoretically reach a maximum operating frequency of 1.39 GHz when ${V}_{rm DD} = hbox{0.25} hbox{V}$.

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Complementary Germanium Electron&#x2013;Hole Bilayer Tunnel FET for Sub-0.5-V Operation - 4.9 out of 5 based on 24 votes

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