Nanoribbon Transistors: Transition From Depletion Mode to Enhancement Mode by Channel-Width Trimming


We have a tendency to study the channel width scaling of back-gated $hboxMoS_2$ metal–oxide–semiconductor field-result transistors from a pair of $muhboxm$ all the way down to sixty nm. We tend to reveal that the channel conductance scales linearly with channel width, indicating no evident edge injury for $hboxMoS_2$ nanoribbons with widths all the way down to sixty nm as defined by plasma dry etching. However, these transistors show a strong positive threshold voltage $(V_T)$ shift with slim channel widths of less than 200 nm. Our results additionally show that transistors with thinner channel thicknesses have larger $V_T$ shifts related to width scaling. Devices fabricated on a vi-nm-thick $hboxMoS_2$ crystal underwent the transition from depletion mode to enhancement mode.

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