Multilayer Graphene Oxide/Cadmium Selenide Quantum-Dot-Coated Titanium Dioxide Heterojunction Solar Cell


We demonstrate a heterojunction solar cell using multilayer graphene oxide (ML-GO) as the hole-conducting layer and cadmium selenide (CdSe) quantum-dot-coated titanium dioxide $( hboxTiO_2)$ as the photoactive material. Multilayer graphene, synthesized by a chemical-vapor-deposition technique, is treated with low-power (25-W) oxygen plasma ($sim$100 sccm) to convert into ML-GO, as confirmed by Raman spectroscopy. The ML-GO exhibits an optical bandgap of eV extracted from UV–visible absorption spectroscopy. The heterojunction solar cell is implemented with a stacked heterostructure of $hboxITO/TiO_2/ hboxCdSe/ML-GO/Pt$, yielding a short-circuit current density of 11.2 $hboxmA/cm^2$, an open-circuit voltage of 652 mV, and a photoconversion potency of 4.1percent under a normal AM one.five illumination condition.

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