Thermally Stable Operation of H-Terminated Diamond FETs by Adsorption and Passivation


Using the $hboxNO_2$ adsorption and $hboxAl_2hboxO_3$ passivation technique, we have a tendency to improved the thermal stability of hydrogen-terminated diamond field-impact transistors (FETs) and then demonstrated stable operation at two hundred $^circhboxC$ during a vacuum for the primary time. At two hundred $^circhboxC$, the drain current $I_DS$ of a passivated diamond FET remained constant for at least more than a pair of h. No degradation of FET characteristics was observed once the two hundred $^circhboxC$ heating cycle. Furthermore, a passivated diamond FET with a gate length of 0.a pair of $muhboxm$ showed high most $I_DS$ of $-$ 1000 mA/mm and an RF output power density of two W/mm.

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