3000-V 4.3- InAlN/GaN MOSHEMTs With AlGaN Back Barrier


This letter reports the fabrication of InAlN/GaN high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) with a three-terminal off-state breakdown voltage (BV) of 3000 V and a low specific on-resistance of 4.twenty five $hboxmOmega cdot hboxcm^2$. To cut back the drain-to-source leakage current in these devices, an AlGaN back barrier has been used. The gate leakage current in these devices is during the $sim!!hbox10^-10 hboxA/mm$ range due to the employment of a $hboxSiO_2$ gate dielectric. This current level is a lot of than six orders of magnitude not up to in Schottky-barrier HEMTs. The combination of an AlGaN back barrier, the high charge sheet density of InAlN/GaN HEMTs, and the low leakage due to the gate-dielectric layer allows for a figure-of-merit $ hboxBV^2/R_rm ON, rm SP$ of $sim!!hbox2.1 times hbox10^9 hboxV^2 cdot Omega^-1 cdot hboxcm^-2$.

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