Miniature CMOS Stacked Spiral-Coupled Directional Coupler With 67-dB Isolation and 0.8-dB Insertion Loss


This letter proposes a miniature CMOS stacked spiral-coupled (SSC) directional coupler for a fully integrated CMOS transceiver to isolate the big transmit power from the transmitter to the receiver. It consists of 2 90 $^circ$-rotated center-aligned SSC coils. The path center of 1 coil is aligned to the gap center of the other coil. The grounded secondary coil plays a job of ground shielding for reducing the insertion loss. 2 capacitors are used for tuning the middle frequency and isolation level. Fabricated in a very standard CMOS method, it achieves an isolation of $-$ 67 dB, an insertion loss of $-$zero.eight dB, and a coupling of $-$ dB and only occupies $hbox0.3 times hbox0.3 hboxmm^2$ of silicon space. To the authors' data, this is the first CMOS directional coupler at the UHF band, with the littlest form factor when put next with alternative implementations of directional couplers.

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