Atomic Layer Deposition of for AlGaN/GaN MOS-HFETs


This letter investigates the electrical properties of $hboxSiO_2$ gate dielectric on GaN heterostructures deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD). ALD $hboxSiO_2$ features a dielectric constant of three.9 and a bandgap of eight.eight eV. ALD $hboxSiO_2$ provides a smart interface to GaN and minimizes the interfacial layer growth. The threshold voltage of metal–oxide–semiconductor heterojunction field-impact transistors with ALD $hboxSiO_2$ dielectric is $-$1.five V, attributable to a fixed charge concentration of $-hbox1.6times hbox10^12 hboxcm^-2$. It was additionally found that devices with ALD $hboxSiO_2$ dielectric exhibit three orders of magnitude reduction in gate leakage current compared to standard Schottky gate HFETs.

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