Polarization Effect on the Photovoltaic Characteristics of Superlattice Solar Cells


The influence of spontaneous and strain-induced piezoelectric polarizations on the photovoltaic characteristics of an $hboxAl_0.14hboxGa_0.86hboxN/hboxIn_0.21 hboxGa_0.79hboxN$ superlattice (SL) solar cell is numerically investigated. The simulation results show that, compared with the traditional p-i-n structure, the $ hboxAl_0.14hboxGa_0.86hboxN/hboxIn_0.21hboxGa_0.79hboxN$ SL solar cell has higher photovoltaic characteristics and is a smaller amount sensitive to the impact of internal polarization. Therefore, the utilization of an SL structure in the III-nitride solar cells is advantageous if each the polarization effect and therefore the crystal quality are of major concern.

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