Ultrathin Strained-Ge Channel P-MOSFETs With High- /Metal Gate and Sub-1-nm Equivalent Oxide Thickness


Surface-channel strained-Ge (s-Ge) p-MOSFETs with high-$K$ /metal gate stack and ozone surface passivation are fabricated, for the primary time. The channel is ultrathin ( $sim$three–half-dozen nm thick) s-Ge ($sim$two.twopercent, biaxial compression) epitaxially grown on a relaxed $hboxSi_0.56hboxGe_0.44$ virtual substrate. Split capacitance–voltage measurements together with quantum-mechanical simulations demonstrate a capacitance-equivalent thickness of one.three nm and sub-one-nm equivalent oxide thickness. The effective hole mobility of these devices was extracted and exhibits $hbox3times$ and $ hbox2.2times$ mobility enhancement over universal Si hole mobility, for s-Ge channel thicknesses of $sim$six and $sim$3 nm, respectively.

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