Enhancement-Mode AlN/GaN MOSHFETs on Si Substrate With Regrown Source/Drain by MOCVD


High-performance enhancement-mode (E-mode) AlN/GaN metal–oxide–semiconductor heterojunction field-impact transistors (MOSHFETs) on Si substrates are demonstrated. Record high peak transconductance $G_m$ of 509 mS/mm and most drain current $I_d$ of 860 mA/mm were achieved for E-mode MOSHFETs with a supply/drain spacing price $L_sd$ of $muhboxm$. Low gate leakage current $(<hbox10^-3 hboxmA/mm)$ and improved ohmic contact resistance (0.153 $Omegacdothboxmm$) were enabled by a mixture of $hboxAl_2hboxO_3$ gate dielectric and regrown source/drain contacts. $hboxAl_2hboxO_3$ additionally considerably increases the 2DEG density underneath the channel, which is beneficial for device performance by reducing the access resistance. The on-resistance is as low as 1.sixty three $Omegacdothboxmm$ . The average regrowth interface resistance across the sample was estimated to be zero.056 $Omegacdothboxmm$. The E-mode MOSHFETs exhibit a high $I_rm on/I_rm off$ ratio up to $hbox10^6$.

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