Effect of Temperature and Humidity on and Gas Sensitivity of Bottom-Gate Graphene FETs Prepared by ICP-CVD


Graphene was used for a sensing part of bottom-gate field-impact transistor (FET)-kind gas sensors, and therefore the sensing performance of the sensors was studied. We have a tendency to investigated the impact of temperature $(T)$ and relative humidity on the gas sensitivity of bottom-gate graphene FETs ready by the inductively coupled plasma chemical vapor deposition methodology. The conductivity modification of graphene exposed to nitrogen oxide $(hboxNO_2)$ and ammonia $(hboxNH_3)$ was increased with increasing temperature and humidity. For $hboxNO_2$ gas, the graphene FET shows increasing $I_D$ with increasing $T$ and conjointly increasing $I_D$ with increasing humidity. However, the FET shows an opposite trend with the $T$ and humidity for $ hboxNH_3$ gas.

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