Ten-Nanometer Ferroelectric Films for Next-Generation FRAM Capacitors


Ferroelectric properties of Si-doped $hboxHfO_2$ skinny films (10 nm) have been investigated. The focus of this letter is to evaluate the potential applicability of those skinny films for future 3-D ferroelectric random access memory capacitors. Polarization switching was tested at elevated temperatures up to 185 $^circhboxC$ and showed no severe degradation. Domain switching dynamics were electrically characterized with pulse-switching tests and weren't in accordance with Kolmogorov–Avrami-kind switching. Nucleation-restricted switching is proposed to be applicable for these new sorts of ferroelectric thin films. Furthermore, same-state and opposite-state retention tests were performed at a hundred twenty five $^circhboxC$ up to twenty h. It had been found that samples that had previously been annealed at 800 $^circhboxC$ showed improved retention of the written state also of the other state. Moreover, fatigue measurements were applied, and no degradation occurred for $ hbox10^6$ programming and erase cycles at 3 V.

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