Superjunction IGBT Filling the Gap Between SJ MOSFET and Ultrafast IGBT


During this letter, we have a tendency to report $E_rm off$-versus- $V_rm ce$ tradeoff curves for vertical superjunction insulated-gate bipolar transistors (SJ IGBTs), exhibiting uncommon inverse slopes $dE_rm off/dV_rm ce> hbox0$ in an exceedingly transition region between purely unipolar and strongly bipolar device behaviors. This impact is due to the action of p-pillar hole current when depleting the drift layer of SJ IGBTs during turnoff and the impact of current gain on the transconductance. Such SJ IGBTs surpass by a very important margin their superjunction MOSFET counterparts in terms of power-handling capability and on-state and turnoff losses, all at the identical time.

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