Capacitance Analysis of Highly Leaky MIM Capacitors Using Time Domain Reflectometry


Characterization of metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors with a scaled dielectric could be a challenge using standard capacitance–voltage ($C$– $V$) measurements thanks to a high leakage current. During this letter, a method to analyze MIM capacitance that's more proof against the leakage current problem has been successfully demonstrated using time domain reflectometry (TDR). The TDR method can be applied to $hboxAl_2hboxO_3$ MIM capacitors with a capacitance density up to $sim!!hbox11.1 hboxfF/muhboxm^2$, for which an impedance analyzer has failed to live capacitance at one MHz. Differences in the voltage coefficient of capacitance and dielectric constant ($k$) were also investigated.

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