as a Ferroelectric: A Single-Element Low-Voltage Dynamic Memory


$hboxGe_2hboxSb_2hboxTe_5$ (GST) is generally employed as a current-driven and heat-triggered structural part-modification material in multielement phase-change memories. This work identifies GST as a ferroelectric material suitable for one-component memory operating at low voltages without heat-based transformation. With GST as a floating gate, hysteretic behavior that is opposite of that arising from charge trapping and in step with ferroelectric phase transition is characterised. Saturating memory window of $sim$1 V underneath $pm$4 V cycling and retention times of tons of seconds constrained by depolarization are observed. Extracted remnant polarization is $sim!!hbox0.13 mu hboxC/cm^2$. The result suggests potential for embedded use with the benefits of a retention time that's competitive or better than DRAMs, a single-element transistorlike structure and technologically easy integration.

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