Extraction Method of Trap Densities in TFTs Combining $C$–$V$ and F-E Methods


We propose a novel extraction method of trap densities $D_{t}$ in thin-film transistors, which utilizes advantages of both capacitance–voltage ( $C$–$V$) and field-effect conductance (F-E) methods. First, the threshold voltage $V_{rm th}$ is obtained from the $I$– $V$ characteristics. Next, the $C$–$V$ method is used below $V_{rm th}$. Finally, the F-E method is used above $V_{rm th}$, where the surface potential $phi_{s}$ at $V_{rm th}$ obtained from the $C$– $V$ method is employed as an initial $phi_{s}$ for the F-E method. The novel extraction method can determine $D_{t}$ from the midgap to near the electrical conductive bands.

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