InGaAs/InP Tunnel FETs With a Subthreshold Swing of 93 mV/dec and $I_/I_$ Ratio Near $hbox^$


Vertical n-channel tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs) with tunneling normal to the gate based on an $hbox{n}^{+} hbox{In}_{x = 0.53 - >1}hbox{GaAs}/hbox{p}^{+}$ InP heterojunction have been demonstrated to exhibit simultaneously a high $I_{rm ON}/I_{rm OFF}$ ratio of $hbox{6} times hbox{10}^{5}$, a minimum subthreshold swing $(SS)$ of 93 mV/dec, and an on-current of 20 $muhbox{A}/muhbox{m}$ at $V_{rm DS} = hbox{0.5} hbox{V}$ and a gate swing of 1.75 V at 300 K, a record TFET performance. The significant improvement in device performance is ascribed to the adoption of a thin equivalent oxide thickness (EOT) of $sim$1.3 nm for improved electrostatics and the use of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition $hbox{SiN}_{x}$ mesa passivation to preserve the integrity of the thin exposed semiconductor layers.

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