Very Fast and Primingless Single-Crystal-Diamond X-Ray Dosimeters


X-ray dosimeters were developed by tailoring novel injecting diamond-like-carbon/Pt/Au contacts on single-crystal high-purity diamond films. A dark resistivity of $(hbox{5.6} pm hbox{0.1}) times hbox{10}^{14} Omega cdot hbox{cm}$ and no appreciable presence of deep traps in the bandgap confirmed a very low defect density in the diamond films. The dosimeters resulted to be primingless (i.e., no need of preactivation) and characterized by high sensitivity $[( hbox{58.20} pm hbox{3.26}) times hbox{10}^{-3} hbox{C} cdot hbox{Gy}^{-1} cdot hbox{cm}^{-3}]$ and linear response to X-ray dose rate, produced by a molybdenum target. Transient X-ray modulated analysis allowed the determination of fast-trap influence and the estimation of very fast response times $(sim!! hbox{10}^{-3} hbox{s})$, at electric fields $geq hbox{3} times hbox{10}^{3} hbox{V/cm}$.

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