A Self-Rectifying -Based Unipolar RRAM With NiSi Electrode


In this letter, a unipolar resistive switching random access memory (RAM) based on $hbox{NiSi/HfO}_{x}/hbox{TiN}$ structure is demonstrated, which is compatible with NiSi S/D in advance CMOS technology process. Highlights of the demonstrated resistive RAM include the following: 1) CMOS-technology-friendly materials and process; 2) excellent self-rectifying behavior in low-resistance state ($>hbox{10}^{3}$ at 1 V); 3) well-behaved memory performance, such as high on/off resistance ratio $(> hbox{10}^{2})$ and good retention characteristics ($> hbox{10}^{5} hbox{s}$ at 125 $^{circ}hbox{C}$); and 4) wide readout margin for high-density cross-point memory devices (number of word lines $>hbox{10}^{6}$ for the worst case condition).

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