Laser Power Converter With Undercut Mesa for Simultaneous High-Speed Data Detection and DC Electrical Power Generation


We demonstrate novel $hbox{GaAs/In}_{0.5}hbox{Ga}_{0.5}hbox{P}$ high-speed laser power converters (LPCs), which not only can detect the envelope of incoming high-speed optical data but also can efficiently convert its optical dc component to dc electrical power. By utilizing the graded p-type GaAs and n-type $hbox{In}_{0.5}hbox{Ga}_{0.5}hbox{P}$ layers as photoabsorption (P) and collector (C) layers, respectively, the problem of slow-motion holes under 830-nm-optical-wavelength excitation and the conduction-band-offset-induced electron blocking effect between the P/C layers, which seriously limit the high-speed performance of LPC, can both be eliminated. Furthermore, by using the undercut mesa structure of the $hbox{In}_{0.5}hbox{Ga}_{0.5}hbox{P}$ C layer to further reduce the large junction capacitance under forward operation, we can achieve invariable high-speed performance ($sim$9 GHz) from zero to near turn-on voltage ($+$0.8 V), which corresponds to the operation point of our LPC with the maximum power conversion efficiency ($sim$15%).

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