A Two-Mask Process for Fabrication of Bottom-Gate IGZO-Based TFTs


A simple process is presented with which a bottom-gate-type oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) can be fabricated by using two photomasks. The active channel, the source–drain electrode, and the pixel electrode layers were simultaneously formed via a single photolithography using a gray-tone mask (GTM). In particular, the gray-tone profiles of the photoresist were carefully observed to ensure process feasibility with the GTM. From the transparent-oxide TFTs fabricated in this letter, functional indices, such as threshold voltage $V_{T} = hbox{4.13} hbox{V}$ (at $V_{DS} = hbox{10} hbox{V}$), subthreshold swing $S = hbox{0.59} hbox{V/dec}$, field-effect mobility $mu_{rm FE} = hbox{12.41} hbox{cm}^{2}/hbox{V}cdothbox{s}$, on-off current ratio lesser than $hbox{8} times hbox{10}^{6}$, and transmittance higher than 85%, were obtained.

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