InP HBT Transferred to Higher Thermal Conductivity Substrate


We report the first demonstration of an InP double heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) transferred to a higher thermal conductivity substrate. This process allows lithographic access to both the frontside and backside of the device to minimize parasitic capacitances while transfer to a SiC substrate should reduce junction temperature by 42%, allowing for higher current density operation. The $hbox{0.20} times hbox{3} muhbox{m}^{2}$ emitter-area HBT has peak common–emitter current gain $beta = hbox{22}$ and breakdown $V_{{rm BR}, {rm CEO}} > hbox{4} hbox{V}$. No electrical degradation from the transferred-substrate process is observed. RF measurements show device peak $f_{ tau} = hbox{397} hbox{GHz}$, $f_{max} geq hbox{400} hbox{GHz}$, and maximum available gain (MAG) at 100 GHz is 15.3 dB.

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