Ultrathin-Body High-Mobility InAsSb-on-Insulator Field-Effect Transistors


Ultrathin-body InAsSb-on-insulator n-type field-effect transistors (FETs) with ultrahigh electron mobilities are reported. The devices are obtained by the layer transfer of ultrathin $ hbox{InAs}_{0.7}hbox{Sb}_{0.3}$ layers (thickness of 7–17 nm) onto $hbox{Si/SiO}_{2}$ substrates. InAsSb-on-insulator FETs exhibit an effective mobility of $sim!!hbox{3400} hbox{cm}^{2}/hbox{V}cdot hbox{s}$ for a body thickness of 7 nm, which represents $sim! !hbox{2}times$ enhancement over InAs devices of similar thickness. The top-gated FETs deliver an intrinsic transconductance of $sim!!hbox{0.56} hbox{mS}/muhbox{m}$ (gate length of $sim$500 nm) at $V_{rm DS} = hbox{0.5} hbox{V}$ with $I_{rm ON}/I_{rm OFF}$ of $ hbox{10}^{2}$–$hbox{10}^{3}$. These results demonstrate the utility of the transfer process for obtaining high-mobility n-FETs on Si substrates by using mixed anion arsenide–antimonide as the active channel material.

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