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Double HBT With Weakly Type-II Base/Collector Junction

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Double HBT With Weakly Type-II Base/Collector Junction


We report on the dc characteristics of an $hbox{InGaP}/break hbox{GaAs}_{0.57}hbox{P}_{0.28}hbox{Sb}_{0.15}/hbox{GaAs}$ double heterojunction bipolar transistor (DHBT). In comparison with control InGaP/GaAs single heterojunction bipolar transistors (SHBTs), the DHBT shows a lower turn-on voltage $(V_{{rm BE}, {rm on}})$ by $sim$70 mV, a lower knee voltage up to $J_{c} sim hbox{40} hbox{kA/cm}^{2}$, and less temperature-sensitive current gain. The validity of reciprocity in the Gummel plot suggests no potential spikes at the emitter/base and base/collector (BC) junctions of the DHBT. By considering the differences, in terms of the built-in voltage of the BC junction, the Fermi level in the base, and the renormalized energy gap of the base, between the GaAsPSb DHBT and the control InGaP/GaAs SHBT, we conclude that the heavily p-doped $hbox{GaAs}_{0.57}hbox{P}_{0.28}hbox{Sb}_{0.15}$ base and the lightly n-doped GaAs collector are in weakly type-II band alignment with a conduction and valence band offset of 44 and 221 meV, respectively. These findings indicate that GaAsPSb is a promising base material for DHBTs operating at high temperature and low $V_{{rm BE}, {rm on}}$ conditions without suffering from the collector current blocking.

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Double HBT With Weakly Type-II Base/Collector Junction - 4.8 out of 5 based on 25 votes

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