Switched-Mode Active Decoupling Capacitor Allowing Volume Reduction of the High-Voltage DC Filters


This paper describes active shunt LC decoupling circuit with ceramic capacitors, permitting volume reduction and lifetime improvement of the high-voltage dc filters. Active filtering is predicated on the energy exchange between high-voltage coupling and low-voltage auxiliary capacitors. The coupling capacitor permits use of the low-voltage switched-mode power stage and low-voltage auxiliary decoupling capacitor. Advantageously, this enables to scale back power dissipation, switching frequency ripple current, and to scale back volume of the circuit. Additionally, power potency and capacitor lifetime are improved by using recent high-voltage coupling multilayer ceramic capacitors, reaching terribly low ESR. This paper provides description of the active decoupling capacitor, and shows an example of the feedback control. Obtained performances are demonstrated on the prototype of 1300-μF/450-V capacitor, permitting to cut back volume by 3, compared to ordinary 450-V electrolytic capacitor.

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