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On-Body Antenna Parameters

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On-Body Antenna Parameters


Among the scope of on-body communications, an approach is presented that is capable to explain the radiated on-body field of arbitrarily formed antenna structures. The tactic is based on a segmentation of the excited current distribution on the antenna body by a finite number of tiny electrical dipoles. To consider the presence of the human body, that affects the underlying radiation mechanism significantly, the model is implemented by the employment of the Norton surface wave theory. Primarily based thereon, a technique is presented to model the on-body far field of an antenna by 2 equivalent electrical dipoles: 1) a TM and a pair of) a TE supply. Based mostly on this assumption, the directivity and the effective antenna space are defined for on-body propagation eventualities. The radiation characteristic of body worn antennas is discussed in terms of their radiation characteristic using the example of tilted [*fr1]-wave dipoles and a planar inverted-F antenna. The last part of the study discusses a pathloss model which is calculated from the underlying antenna parameters. Numerical full-wave simulations, based mostly on the FDTD technique, and measurements in an anechoic chamber, verify the results.

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