A Study on the Difficulties of Learning Phase Transition in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design From the Viewpoint of Semantic Distance


Students in object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) courses typically encounter difficulties transitioning from object-oriented analysis (OOA) to logical design (OOLD). This study conducted an empirical experiment to look at these learning difficulties by evaluating differences between OOA-to-OOLD and OOLD-to-object-oriented-physical-design (OOPD) transitions from the attitude of semantic distance within the context of semantic network theory. The experimental results indicated that two factors inhibit the training of OOA-to-OOLD transition: the semantic distance between phases and the precise degree of transition relations. The OOA-to-OOLD transition exhibits a larger semantic distance than the OOLD-to-OOPD transition, that causes issue in retrieving and understanding the semantics of OOA-to-OOLD transition relations. OOA-to-OOLD transition relations are less precise, that causes learners to have problem in developing efficient schema acquisition and automation when learning OOA-to-OOLD transition. These results give additional insight into the cognitive processes of learners who are learning part transition. This might guide educators to develop an effective learning instruction technique for section transition and motivate researchers to remedy the inherent deficiency of part transition in OOAD by considering the cognitive processes of developers.

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