Bridging the Gap: Using Technology to Capture the Old and Encourage the New


For the first time in our employer?s history, our workforce has four generations working along simultaneously, every with its unique technique of learning, communication, and relationship to safety. Many of our prime safety advocates are shut to retiring. Once they need left the workforce, it can be the responsibility of the subsequent generations to determine that safety continues to move forward. Facilitating a sleek transition might lie in the application and utilization of technology. Discovering a sensible mix of current and rising technology and training ways, plus additional human interaction, will cause the development of a safety program that may effectively target each generation. The future of safety lies in our ability to avoid alienating the older generations with the overuse of technology and yet use it sufficiently to keep the younger generations interested. We have a tendency to should use technology to unite, capture, and involve the experience of the previous and rework it into a medium that can encourage the new. This article sheds light-weight on the growing generational gaps and also the emerging problems inherently tied to the present growth and discusses the potential application of current and rising technologies which will help bridge the gap between generations that technology has created in the last few decades.

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