Privacy-Preserving Enforcement of Spatially Aware RBAC


Many models for incorporating spatial constraints into role-based mostly access management (RBAC) are proposed, and researchers are now that specialize in the challenge of guaranteeing such policies are enforced correctly. But, existing approaches have a significant shortcoming, as they assume the server is trustworthy and require complete disclosure of sensitive location info by the user. During this work, we have a tendency to propose a unique framework and a collection of protocols to unravel this drawback. Specifically, in our scheme, a user provides a service provider with role and placement tokens together with letter of invitation. The service provider consults with a role authority and a location authority to verify the tokens and evaluate the policy. But, none of the servers learn the requesting user's identity, role, or location. In this paper, we outline the protocols and also the policy enforcement scheme, and gift a formal proof of a range of security properties.

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