Bipolar I-MOS—An Impact-Ionization MOS With Reduced Operating Voltage Using the Open-Base BJT Configuration


In this temporary, we tend to propose a novel bipolar junction transistor-based mostly I-MOS, called the bipolar I-MOS, to cut back the operating voltage of the I-MOS using the transistor gain action. Using a pair of-D simulations, we have a tendency to demonstrate that the proposed bipolar I-MOS exhibits a coffee operating voltage ( V), that is % below that of the corresponding p-i-n I-MOS, and conjointly a steep subthreshold slope of half dozen.twenty five mV/decade. In the bipolar I-MOS, since the avalanche-generated carriers don't meet up with the channel region under the gate, it's expected to have a better reliability compared with the p-i-n I-MOS. Thus, the bipolar I-MOS might be a promising candidate for near ideal switching applications.

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