Safe Diagnosability of Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems and a Polynomial-Time Verification


Since fuzzy discrete-event systems (FDESs) were considerably brought forward, the study of FDESs has received increasing attention recently. This paper addresses the safe diagnosability beneath the framework of FDESs. The contributions are threefold. 1st, the notion of safe diagnosability for fuzzy systems is formalized. A safe diagnosable FDES suggests that that not only every failure will be detected in terms of fuzziness, moreover because the detection should be completed before any unsafe operation is executed. Then, a necessary and sufficient condition of safe diagnosability of FDESs is proposed by constructing the safe diagnoser. Finally, we gift an algorithm for verifying the safe diagnosability of FDESs based on a constructive nondeterministic automaton, specifically verifier. It is worth noting that each constructing the verifier and verifying the safe diagnosability of FDESs will be realized with a polynomial complexity.

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