Thermal Characteristics Analysis of Die Attach Layer Based on Time-Constant Spectrum for High-Power LED


The performance and reliability of the high-power light-weight-emitting diodes (HP LEDs) are closely connected to the quality of the die attach adhesive (DAA) layer, because voids or delaminations in the layer might cause higher junction temperature, and even end in the break of the chip. During this paper, a dynamic compact thermal model is made for an independent HP LED without being hooked up on a chilly plate. The time-constant spectrum method based mostly on the thermal model is applied to characterize the transient thermal behavior of the DAA layer and different layers along the heat flow path. Thermal transient experiments are carried on HP LED samples with different DAA dosages. The theoretical and experimental results demonstrate that the time-constant spectrum for LEDs tested while not cold plate will mirror the thermal characteristics of the DAA layer along with that with cold plate. Variations within the HP LED samples with completely different DAA layers will be clearly distinguished within the time-constant spectrums furthermore. Compared with the ancient testing technique with cold plate, direct test in air for HP LEDs has the advantages of straightforward operation, time saving, and no pollution to samples.

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