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Optimal Real-Time Control of Wind Turbine During Partial Load Operation

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Optimal Real-Time Control of Wind Turbine During Partial Load Operation


A wind turbine achieves its highest energy efficiency during partial load operation when it operates at the optimal tip speed ratio (TSR), therefore the optimal power coefficient. During this paper, real-time controllers are developed to improve the performance of tracking the optimal TSR during partial load operation. Dynamic programming (DP) is first applied to work out the control actions that maximize wind energy capture. A DP-based mostly real-time controller (DPRC) is then explored to overcome the high computational expense related to DP, that limits DP to be an offline optimization algorithm. But, the DPRC is not strong against plant-model mismatch and model uncertainties. A gain-modified optimal torque controller (GMOTC) is subsequently designed as an alternative to the DPRC. The GMOTC applies internal Proportional-Integral technique to track a reference TSR, and adapts the reference TSR to the optimal TSR in real time to improve the controller robustness. The light-weight detection and ranging technology is employed to additional strengthen the controller performance by providing reliable previewed wind speed measurements. Simulation results show that the DRPC generates additional wind power than the standard torque controller (STC), whereas the GMOTC demonstrates a performance almost like that of the DRPC on wind power generation with abundant better robustness in the presence of modeling error. Fatigue loading on a wind turbine is another important issue that must be thought-about throughout management style. The analysis shows that each the DRPC and therefore the GMOTC are comparable with the STC in generating variable torsional loads thanks to the torque commands.

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Optimal Real-Time Control of Wind Turbine During Partial Load Operation - 4.8 out of 5 based on 49 votes

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