The Interplay Between Data Transmission Power and Transmission Link Utilization


We tend to contemplate one-input single-output communications link in which a transmitter and a receiver, each having data buffers with their own unique quality-of-service (QoS) constraints, perform data transmission over a time-selective flat fading wireless channel. Regarding the stochastic nature of the wireless channel in the physical layer, we have a tendency to initial offer the effective capability at the transmitter buffer. Then, we tend to assume a knowledge arrival process with a relentless rate to the transmitter buffer and identify the departure method from the transmitter to the receiver. Noting that the departure method is the arrival process at the receiver buffer, we have a tendency to realize the effective bandwidth at the receiver buffer. Establishing the utmost transmission link utilization as the ratio between the effective capability at the transmitter and also the effective bandwidth at the receiver, we investigate the connection between the transmission power in the channel and the utmost transmission link utilization underneath QoS needs by employing different image modulation techniques in a Rayleigh fading setting.

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