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Looking behind a corner using multipath-exploiting UWB radar

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Looking behind a corner using multipath-exploiting UWB radar


Localization of persons that are hidden behind a corner is very important in varied security things when the primary responders should not be exposed to any threat. This article demonstrates the feasibility of an ultrawideband multipath-exploitation radar for localization in such eventualities. The approach utilizes multibounce echoes of electromagnetic waves that are scattered by the closest person situated behind a corner. We have a tendency to assume that the person does not carry any tag and does not cooperate with the localization system. The multibounce echoes are reflected and diffracted by the environment and build the hidden person visible to an operator that's behind the corner. The location estimation relies only on single-channel time-of-arrival knowledge. Measured data are initial processed by a background subtraction algorithm, which reveals the multipath evoked by the person. The multipath echoes are detected by a parallel threshold-based mostly detector. A simple global nearest-neighbor algorithm is employed for tracking detected echoes and improving their vary estimates. The obtained range estimates are assigned to different physical propagation ways of the electromagnetic waves. The situation of the person is estimated by fusing the data of the antenna location with respect to its surroundings and the assigned vary estimates. The proposed approach is experimentally verified in a very state of affairs where information are measured in real time by an ultrawideband sensor. Experimental results demonstrate that, depending on the state of affairs geometry, a walking or calmly standing person will be localized up to many meters behind the corner.

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Looking behind a corner using multipath-exploiting UWB radar - 4.9 out of 5 based on 78 votes

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