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Induction Heating Appliance With a Mobile Double-Coil Inductor

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Induction Heating Appliance With a Mobile Double-Coil Inductor


An induction heating appliance designed to uniformly heat up metallic plates is studied during this paper. It consists of one planar inductor with 2 concentric coils connected to a mechanism, which allows moving the inductor below the plate whereas heating. This system is a potential resolution for the growing concept of versatile induction cooking hobs, improving their performance in flexibility and in thermal distribution within the pans. With different mixtures of motion and the selective activation of the inductor coils, any pan can be uniformly heated regardless its size or position on the hob. During this paper, we have a tendency to develop a thermal model to research the temperature distribution obtained in the pans for every diameter and strategy used. The model is solved using finite differences, and it's validated with experimental measurements. From the calculations, the best strategy for every pan diameter is obtained.

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Induction Heating Appliance With a Mobile Double-Coil Inductor - 4.9 out of 5 based on 78 votes

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